"what if I have zero experience?"

That's Okay! You don't need any experience to join! We work with you where you're at and help you learn about the sport. Everyone starts somewhere!

"I can't! I'm not flexible!"

Letting you in on a little secret...many of us aren't. Flexibility is something that should be worked on everyday if it's a goal of yours, however we don't expect you to. While a certain amount of flexibility is required, you don't have to be a rubber band or even close to it. We stretch at the beginning of practice to avoid injury and try to warm up our muscles. You don't need to be flexible to join gymnastics, gymnastics is what makes you flexible.

"I'm gonna get my man card taken away!"

Gymnastics is a both men's and women's sport and they are not the same. Men and women compete different events with a few shared. Gymnastics is a sport that builds a ton of muscle and control. If you are truly concerned about this topic, just google the sport.

"What Does It Cost?"

It's $10 per practice up to a $150 cap (cost of membership). It is done this way so that it is financially easier for us college students and you don't have to fully commit a large sum of money if you don't want to continue in the club or are unsure of how many practices you can attend.

"How are the dues used?"

The money the club receives through dues mainly goes towards paying our rent for the gym and insurance. What doesn't go towards rent or insurance goes towards competition fees which can add up fast. We hold fundraisers (both optional and mandatory events for members) throughout the year to raise the remaining amount for competitions and uniforms, while setting the club up for success in years to come.

"Do I have to compete?"

Nope! Competitions are completely optional, you can if you want to, but only if you want to (I highly recommend it though :) they're fun). Competitions are a blast and we get to meet with other universities. Competitions on the club level are incredibly positive, encouraging, and relaxed. There is a spread of people competing for the first time showing off their cartwheels and forward rolls, to people that didn't want the stress of NCAA (official school team). No matter the skill level, we are all there to just have fun and compete.

"Can I learn a backflip?"


"What If I have a lot of homework?"

You are not required to attend every practice to still be considered a regular member. If it is a rough week, go ahead and take a night off. Otherwise plenty of us have been known to bring our work to the gym as to not miss out of the antics of the club. Grab a comfy spot in the pit, write that paper, and enjoy the show that is the club. (Although if you do plan on doing this I do not promise that you will actually get work done...at your own risk).

"What does it take to be a 'Regular member'?"

You have to be over 18, have paid the full amount or on track to  ($150), and attend on average 2 practices a week. Some fundraising events are required to be attended by regular members. If you have attended at least 1/3 of the practices leading up to this event since joining, you are considered a regular member and are expected to participate (These events/opportunities are either required to have X% of the club participate or else the amount the club earns is based on attendance). For full details take a look at the Club Constitution.

"do I have to be an NIU student?"

No! You do not have to attend NIU to be a part of our club! Just contact one of the Executive Board Officers and we will have you fill out the waiver at practice.

"Are there any forms to fill out?"

Yes! Current NIU Huskies: Follow this link to our Form Information Page to get instructions on which forms you must fill out through Huskie Link. If you are not a current NIU Huskie, contact an E-Board Officer as a heads up, the only form for non-NIU members is a waiver to be filled out at practice.

"What if I don't have a car?"

Many of us don't have a car either, it's okay! We all carpool together. For the first practice contact an Officer and we'll be happy to get you set up with a ride, after that we can add you to the group chat.

more questions?

Feel free to reach out to our Club Officers! We are happy to talk to you about our growing club!