Important Note: If you plan on attending practice make sure you check out the "Form 
page. "Gym Rules" on huskie link is one of the forms you must fill out.

Rules of the Gym:

 1.  Gymnastics only, no parkour or cheerleading (i.e. stunting).

2.  At the end of practice all mats and equipment must be put back

to where and how they were at the beginning of practice.

3.  Be respectful of mats and equipment. Use them for their 

intended purpose.

4.  Few mats are allowed in the pit. If unsure, please ask an officer.

5.  The pre-school/ninja zone pit is off-limits. Do not use their equipment.

6.  Chalk stays in the bar area only - No Exceptions.

7.  Keep food and beverages out of gym area. (Okay in cubbies, be clean)

8.  No tumbling shoes are allowed on tumble tracks or trampoline.

9No shoes on the balance beams

10.  There is no jumping from yellow Olympic trampoline into the pit. 

11.  Do not swing on the rope.

We rent out the gym for our practices and these are the rules we have agreed to as a club with the gym owner. Please respect them.

12.  There is no jumping from beam to beam. (this falls under parkour)