NIU Football Games


NIU sports clubs have been offered to volunteer at the NIU football games to earn money for the club. We will be working as event staff for the football games for a stipend of $9.00/hour/game.

Home Football Game Dates: Check ins are at the Convocation Center

  • September 8th, 2018

    • Check in no later than 4pm

  • September 15th, 2018

    • Check in no later than 12pm

  • October 13th, 2018

    • Check in no later than 12pm


  • If you are interested and able to work a game, please let an executive board member know MINIMUM 3 days prior to the game

  • Dress Code

    • You are required to wear black pants (not jeans or leggings) and black shoes​

    • Red polos will be distributed, so have a comfortable shirt to wear underneath​​

  • Forms​ - These forms must be filled out and brought to the first game you work (therefore you only need to fill it out once)

  • Check in-

    • You can park in lot C3 (North lot, West corner)

    • Enter at the bottom of the ramp at the convocation center dock on west side of the building.

    • Follow the hallway heading east to the multipurpose room.

    • Sign in on the NIU Gymnastics Club form and on the position assignment sheet

    • Pick up a briefing from your area and get an event shirt from the event staff room.


  • "Bags, purses, keys, etc.:  Purses and backpacks are not allowed to be carried by staff during the event.  We do allow staff to wear a small string backpack when working at the Stadium only.  There are lockers at the Convocation Center that you may store any other belongings in.  Please bring your own lock, as unattended items could be stolen and we are not responsible for items left unsecured and unattended."

  • "Phones:  You may bring your phone with you, but it should remain out of sight during your shift.  Supervisors are allowed to take phones away from staff after they have been warned once."


  • "Breaks:  Breaks usually take place mid-2nd quarter, and in the 3rd quarter.  Supervisors will let you know where you may take your break.  We will be providing a meal coupon for a free drink and pizza or hot dog.  If you do not want to eat the provided food, you may bring a meal, but we do not have a cooler or fridge at the stadium to store it in.  You may also bring your own water bottle and keep it with you throughout the game."