This website is offering collegiate sports clubs a chance to raise some money if we use their website. They offer a good variety of sports apparel and other gear whose brands are Under Armour, Adidas, and Sport Tek. They are offering items ranging from T-shirts, sweatpants, wrist bands, and duffel bags.

Anyone can buy something: you, your friends, your parents, your family, alumni, etc.

Either way, 10% goes back to the club!

We have set up a store where you can purchase Adidas or Sport Tek apparel with our club's logo on it! Click the button to purchase your club apparel now! Orders are processed once a month.

Actual link:

Please be sure to check out both the men's and women's section! They have different gear that may be of interest to you!

If you are a current member of the club, you are eligible for a 30% discount. Note that all orders through this website will be shipped to the Club President and will then distribute your purchases. Sign in for the club member exclusive link:

Actual link: