About Us

Who Are We?

Officially we are the Northern Illinois Gymnastics club, but in reality we're a family. This club is built around a friendly atmosphere and teamwork. There is no gymnastics experience required to join and everyone is here to have fun and learn something new. This club varies from people learning how to do their first forward roll to others who twist and flip like Spiderman. We have two coaches that are generously sharing their time and expertise with us as well as many club members who are coaches themselves. It is an environment to thrive in. We love to laugh and joke around in the gym and are always excited to greet new members.

Go ahead and visit our Q&A page for answers to common questions, and don't be afraid to reach out to our Executive Board Officers. We are happy to help.

Nationals 2018

We have competitors, non competitors, regular members, and non-regular members, but we make up one club and family.


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Club Photo Spring 2017

How our club runs